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Leadership TKO provides leadership training, leadership keynote speeches, and the like for businesses, ministries, and schools.
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The Meaning of T.K.O.


There are leadership principles that are applicable within various settings. These truths form the foundation of The ILEAD Company LLC.

that have KEPT

These truths are KEEPers. They allow a person to be grounded as they elevate into higher levels within their roles in life and business.


The leadership truths keep leaders grounded, allowing them to be able to OVERCOME hurdles faced in their lives and careers. Leaders do not just WIN but they also OVERCOME. They are CHAMPIONS!

Leadership T.K.O. (The Book)

Have you EVER wondered how you can truly WIN in every area of your life ?

Would you like to move from ordinary to EXTRA-ordinary starting right now ?

It is quite easy to get lost in the crowd of men and women within the corporate world as you’re seeking to establish a satisfying career. This also poses as a concern for business owners in crowded industries who want to WIN BIG. Specific principles need to be implemented in order to stand out from the sea of other professionals. We all want to make meaningful impacts in our cities, across the country, and for some, throughout the world. As you read Leadership T.K.O., you will discover truths that reveal what you must do to become an effective vehicle to transform your life as well as those around you. Most importantly, you will discover the answer to this question: What must I do to maximize my potential and truly WIN as a leader?

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Meet Lakeisha McKnight  (The Leadership T.K.O. Creator)

Lakeisha McKnight is a John Maxwell Team certified speaker, trainer and coach who equips speakers, authors, coaches, network marketers and ministry leaders with training on how to succeed in business through leadership development, generating recurring income, creating profitable speaking programs and utilizing social media and offline marketing. Lakeisha started her journey as an entrepreneur 13+ years ago, stepping into the roles of minister, speaker, coach, consultant, and book publisher sharing her message globally. She is the CEO of two companies: Lakeisha McKnight Brands International and Women of Elevation Career Services International. She has published and sold several thousand of her four books, which have become best sellers and received major media attention (such as special features with ABC, NBC and International Business Times).